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- The Dicoroid of tripleZone


Charles p. - Tuesday, November 12th 2019 - 19h 47m 44s
Thanks Jürgen!
Triplezone - Tuesday, November 12th 2019 - 08h 17m 46s
Many thanks for your clicks and comments and for the photo of the day!

@ Charles: No travelling through Danmark; we took the boat from Rostock (200km north of Berlin) to Trelleborg (Sweden), passed Skåne län and Småland län and took the boat from Oskarshamn to Visby on Gotland. Not so far, we started early in the morning, arrived after midnight, and had 6 and 3 relaxed hours on board.
Jj_reypol - Monday, November 11th 2019 - 22h 49m 07s
Superrr, a wonderful place for a photographer !
Charles p. - Monday, November 11th 2019 - 19h 43m 19s
Jürgen je n'ai pas bien compris l'itinéraire de ton voyage pour atteindre l'ile de Gotland! Vous avez donc traversé tout le Danemark et le sud de la Suède pour prendre le ferry à Oskarshamm? Long trip for your swedish native car and for you! Impatient de voir la suite du voyage! ;)
Consommable - Monday, November 11th 2019 - 10h 32m 57s
Nous avons Étretat.
Facono - Monday, November 11th 2019 - 10h 19m 56s
Klaxamer - Monday, November 11th 2019 - 10h 06m 19s
I like this place
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A rauk is a column-like landform in Sweden and Norway. Rauks occur often in groups called "raukfält". The limestone rauks of Gotland in the Baltic Sea are among the best known examples.
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Polaroid® 669
Camera :
Polaroid® 600-600SE
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