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Einarsskáli @ Grágæsavatn

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- The Dicoroid of tripleZone

Einarsskáli @ Grágæsavatn

Triplezone - Friday, April 30th 2021 - 12h 48m 58s
Yes Jean Jacques, the old gentleman - Völundur - is over 80 years old, sprightly, lives in Egilsstaðir on the East coast, and has been going to this place for 40 over years. There he built everything himself, carefully cared for an oasis in the desert with a birch forest growing on the edges. And the garden is a stunner, we really want to come back and spend a little more time in this wonderful place.
Jj_reypol - Friday, April 30th 2021 - 08h 45m 24s
A very nice Polaroid, congrats for the CDCDJ Jürgen! In Iceland we can see such things,
people are very attentive to others and to nature, That's what Isabelle and me observed
in the 90s.
Triplezone - Friday, April 30th 2021 - 08h 24m 42s
Bonjour Olivier, the buildings are the 'place' Einarsskáli and they are occupied in summer by an elderly gentleman who has laid out a botanical garden there by the lake Grágæsavatn and who planted birch trees around the area. Unfortunately, the Pola from the garden didn't work, but it was impressive to see what is growing there. I think you have not seen this ensemble before; for us it was the first time visit here.
Facono - Thursday, April 29th 2021 - 17h 56m 17s
I think I've seen this set of buildings before, what they are for, I can't remember.
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About this Polaroid® from tripleZone
Title :
Einarsskáli @ Grágæsavatn
Description :
Mamiya Sekor 4.7/127, 690 (exp. 10/2004)
Film Type :
Polaroid® 690
Camera :
Mamiya Universal
View :
726 fois
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