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Bouquet de pivoines

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- The Dicoroid of rico7578

Rf70 mint instax wide couleur forêt

Bouquet de pivoines

Sul tasto - Saturday, May 23th 2020 - 20h 49m 15s
Je plussoie (c’est d’un chic) !
Axakadam - Saturday, May 23th 2020 - 17h 00m 24s
Joli ça !
Triplezone - Saturday, May 23th 2020 - 16h 37m 22s
Many thanks Rico for your answer. Maybe they can improve this in the next generation of production (if it comes, the camera is pretty expensive). Nevertheless, film is cheap and so one can make a test and then adjustig a little bit.
Rico7578 - Saturday, May 23th 2020 - 07h 51m 01s
Merci pour les commentaires !

@Triplezone : see my posts about the RF70 on this forum, it is a great instant camera, but I hate its viewfinder as the framing guides are not accurate at all and the viewfinder borders are soft (no hard edges like on the Fuji 500AF), so it is difficult to frame accurately with this camera...
Triplezone - Friday, May 22th 2020 - 22h 01m 08s
Beautiful! Your camera, MinT RF70 - is it fun to take pictures with?
Jj_reypol - Friday, May 22th 2020 - 19h 37m 25s
Bravo, j'aime beaucoup !
Facono - Friday, May 22th 2020 - 18h 39m 31s
Consommable - Friday, May 22th 2020 - 17h 57m 37s
Belle lumière en cette composition.
Laudupsy - Friday, May 22th 2020 - 16h 44m 06s
Très belle composition
Meaulne - Friday, May 22th 2020 - 13h 51m 50s
Ma fleur préférée... et ici bien mise en valeur par le dénuement du décor, et vase adorable
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About this Polaroid® from rico7578
Title :
Bouquet de pivoines
Description :
Pivoines blanches en lumière naturelle
Film Type :
Fujifilm Instax Wide
Camera :
MinT RF70
View :
3564 fois
Added on :
Keywords :
pivoine, fleur, bouquet, instax, RF70, mint, wide
© rico7578

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