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- The Dicoroid of mimi_club

Hong kong
Porst magic 500


Mimi_club - Monday, May 02th 2016 - 05h 45m 08s
My bad English... haha....

She moved super fast... every time I focused, she moved so quick to avoid looking at me..... so, 6 shots only 1 shot w/o blur.

Well... cats are like that.
Ulf - Sunday, May 01th 2016 - 15h 02m 50s
you shot 6 times your cat to get it? next time, drown it, it will be faster.
Mimi_club - Sunday, May 01th 2016 - 14h 48m 09s
The special thing is: Siu-Hak will 'miao' everyone who walk pass the shop......

Some different with other cats.
Jj_reypol - Sunday, May 01th 2016 - 11h 20m 03s
I can't resist, I love cats… !
Mimi_club - Sunday, May 01th 2016 - 10h 37m 13s
She will "miao" everyone who pass the building...... just live at the shop next to the entrance of the building.

Usually cats will not 'miao' people... unless they think you have something good, I guess.

Consommable - Sunday, May 01th 2016 - 09h 04m 41s
There are others, another day, in another place.

About this Polaroid® from mimi_club
Title :
Description :
Six shots.... only this one is ok..... she moves so quick.
Unfortunately I can't see Siu-hak again, as I change to a new job and I don't work there anymore. :(
Film Type :
Impossible Color SX-70 Black Frame
Camera :
Polaroid® SX-70 Sonar OneStep
View :
1070 fois
Added on :
Keywords :
Cat, Siu-Hak
© mimi_club

consommable - jj_reypol - danakilien - Polala - Constant1 5 Polaroiders love this picture !

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