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- The Dicoroid of lukaroid

Back and white
Schneider kreuznach


Danakilien - Tuesday, November 10th 2015 - 20h 50m 30s
Jj_reypol - Tuesday, November 10th 2015 - 00h 09m 00s
Beautiful photograph !
Meaulne - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 23h 06m 51s
fine and subtle !
Facono - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 21h 32m 14s
You know, when you boot the extension of your camera's bellows to get very close or small subjects, you must take into account an elongation factor due to difraction leading to an increased exposure time, or a largest aperture for your lens.
You may find time tables in User's Guide to the View Camera
by Jim Stone. It's a standard edition about large format photography.
Charles p. - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 21h 24m 56s
Aerochris - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 21h 02m 44s
Joce44 - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 19h 31m 20s
fan de cette image!
Soundsoundso - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 18h 49m 05s
small but great.
Consommable - Monday, November 09th 2015 - 18h 30m 43s
Belle plante.
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About this Polaroid® from lukaroid
Title :
Description :
Objectiv: Leitz Wetzlar Hektor 150mm f2.5;
It was verry dark;
Film Type :
Polaroid® 664
Camera :
Graflex Speed Graphic
View :
3014 fois
Added on :
Keywords :
Leitz Wetzlar Hektor 150mm f2.5, Flower, back and White
© lukaroid

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