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- The Dicoroid of Felicita

Looking down
Negative space
External flash
Looking up
Natural light
Darkroom photography


Consommable - Friday, August 09th 2019 - 08h 46m 58s
Scaf - Friday, August 09th 2019 - 08h 30m 24s
Thanks for your explanations.
Dont' worry : we (almost) all use some enhance functions of our digitalizing softwares: dust reduction, color balancing to remove yellowish dominant...
One photo of mine, for example :
Original : http://www.polaroid-passion.com/galerie/scaf/index.php?id=92634&from=m
Color balanced : http://www.polaroid-passion.com/galerie/scaf/index.php?id=92742&from=m

One rule : the new image must not be too different from the original.
Felicita - Friday, August 09th 2019 - 08h 13m 48s
Well I understand your perplexity but this just passed by lightroom to eliminate the yellowish dominant given by the light in the room where I took the scan with the polaroid original app on my cell phone. Here you can see a more yellowish version https://www.instagram.com/p/B0zxzmXHCsW/... it is difficult for me to really reproduce the image that is on the polaroid but it's very similar to this digital reproduction, even if it can never be identical. Actually the rendering of the colors is what I like the most about using polaroid for lightpainting and underexposing it (like it is in this case) is going to emphasize that, but I don't have to convince you, it's a matter of honesty... it wouldn't make any sense to post here a "conterfeit" digital version of a polaroid in my opinion. Of course depending on what you use to scan it it's always going to be little different from the original.
Scaf - Friday, August 09th 2019 - 06h 41m 50s
I like it.
But the colors seem really unusual for a Polaroid Originals film as well as for an outdated Polaroid film.
Chrisdenice - Thursday, August 08th 2019 - 16h 02m 44s
S'il n'y a pas de poussage de curseurs "contraste/saturation", c'est excellent !
Consommable - Thursday, August 08th 2019 - 13h 15m 39s
Tout aussi étonnant.
Jj_reypol - Thursday, August 08th 2019 - 11h 16m 06s
I like the colors and patterns !

About this Polaroid® from Felicita
Title :
Description :
Lightpainting made in the studio only with light and self cut silhouettes. This is not a picture of a stained window.
Film Type :
Polaroid® 600
Camera :
Polaroid® OneStep Plus
View :
3140 fois
Added on :
Keywords :
cosmo, astronomy, studio, imaginaryuniverse, lightpaintingpolaroid
© Felicita

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