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Mistress and her puppy...

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- The Dicoroid of Elizerman

Platane-périgord pourpre!
People and places
Docks -liverpool
England- kew gardens
20:15 pm
Street-life paar-street-liverpool city
Kayak ...
Bonnet de bain
Lucas apprentis soudeur

Mistress and her puppy...

Facono - Wednesday, October 26th 2011 - 15h 08m 10s
Instantanément je pense aux paroles bien explicites d'une chanson de Frank Zappa: Dinah-Moe-Hum dans l'album Over-Nite Sensation:

Dinah-Moe watched from the edge of the bed
With her lips just a-twitchin' an' her face gone red
Some drool rollin' down from the edge of her chin
While she spied the condition her sister was in

She quivered 'n quaked an' clutched at herself
While her sister made a joke about her mental health
'Till Dinah-Moe finally did give in
But I told her all she really needed was some discipline

Kiss my aura... Dora...
M-M-M... it's real Angora
Would y'all like some more-a?
Right here on the floor-a?
An' how 'bout you, Fauna?

MMM... sound like you're chokin' on somethin'
Did you say you want some more?
Well, here's some more...

(Oh, baby...)

Oh, sure... look,
D'you think I could interest you
In a pair of zircon encrusted tweezers?

Hou hou hou!
Elizerman - Wednesday, October 26th 2011 - 11h 03m 42s
@facono, perdu! de l'angora!
Facono - Wednesday, October 26th 2011 - 08h 22m 54s
Une shootée du mohair!
Consommable - Wednesday, October 26th 2011 - 06h 51m 19s
Trop chou!
Elizerman - Tuesday, October 25th 2011 - 13h 50m 52s
Thank's colth !
Colthsivers - Tuesday, October 25th 2011 - 13h 17m 27s
Belle image. Belles lunettes. Bel animal.

About this Polaroid® from Elizerman
Title :
Mistress and her puppy...
Description :
taking a nap!
Film Type :
Fujifilm Fuji FP-3000B
Camera :
Polaroid® 250
View :
2896 fois
Added on :
Keywords :
Portrait,day after wedding, Lot.
© Elizerman

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