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Mise à Fin III

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- The Dicoroid of axakadam

Scène pieux
Mot clé

Mise à Fin III

Axakadam - Wednesday, April 04th 2018 - 14h 49m 13s
I red the post and believe me I'm much more than sensible to this question, among some other equally crucial ones. This is my everyday's work !
Triplezone - Wednesday, April 04th 2018 - 14h 35m 58s
Meaning is context bound; therefore thank's for the explanation. My today posting tries to explain my position in a more general way. Merci Monsieur.
Axakadam - Wednesday, April 04th 2018 - 10h 47m 25s
Hahha Ste Anne, c'est à 200 m de chez moi.. hahhaaa Ste Anne c'est chez moi.. hohhahaa et moi aussi j'ai un pull avec des nems roulés dessus.. hihohhaaa On se voit dans la salle d'attente Cher Monsieur Charles P. ?
Charles p. - Tuesday, April 03th 2018 - 22h 18m 56s
Tiens ça me fait penser que j'ai une cravate qui sèche sur le fil. Bon c'est pas grave, je mettrais un noeud-papillon demain pour mon séjour à l'hôpital Ste Anne.Ou un pull à col roulé.
Bonne nuit, M. Axakadrame.
Axakadam - Tuesday, April 03th 2018 - 21h 29m 06s
Dear Master Triplezone, first of all she's not a "model" she is my friend now. And we tried to reconstitude the " suicide" just because it exists. As trains exists. Really, there is no playing here. The macabre, if any, we decided together with Vic. You like life pictures, I like the subconscious... My only problem was how to show in a most realistic way this sort of tragedy with polaroid... how a suicide image could be... Really that's it.. nothing more. So I thank you again, without hearts...
Triplezone - Tuesday, April 03th 2018 - 19h 06m 53s
Of course unpopular, obviously for ethical reasons. What should be the allusion to an execution or a suicide? You play here in a particularly macabre way with the dignity of your model. But the technical sophistication and the large format are great class, no doubt!
Axakadam - Tuesday, April 03th 2018 - 00h 28m 25s
Uy uy j'avais oublié de mettre +18..! Cher Jean Jacques c'était vraiment pas facile.. Attention les pieds sont en l'air ;-) Mais je sais que cette série sera mal-aimée...
Jj_reypol - Tuesday, April 03th 2018 - 00h 27m 10s
Ouf elle semble s'en être sorti; quelle histoire ! Sacrée série Seço.

About this Polaroid® from axakadam
Title :
Mise à Fin III
Film Type :
Impossible Color 8x10 Film
Camera :
Linhof Kardan Color 18x24
View :
2474 fois
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Keywords :
© axakadam

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