Hail and Hello!

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Hail and Hello!

Messagepar acharba » mar. 31 mai 2022 / 20:58 pm

Hi, to everyone! I'm so happy to find this group. My name is Allison and I live in America. My first camera as a child was a Polaroid (OneShot, if I recall). After many years I'm returning to photography and my first love. I'm working on acquiring a Land camera this summer--I don't know if it will be one from the 100 or 200 series--but I can't wait. My OneShot, of course, didn't use the pull apart pack film, but I have used that film before in a photo class where we used a view camera with a Polaroid back. It was a beautiful experience. I'm glad to find that there is a producer of that 100 pack film, so I feel justified in hunting down the Land camera. This is one of my summer goals.

Anyway, I'm so glad this group of enthusiasts exists. I can't wait to get my camera and film. I look forward to reading and learning in the forums. :D


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Messagepar MikeNavy » mer. 01 juin 2022 / 18:28 pm

Hi Allison,

Welcome to this forum!

I'm afraid to give you bad news about your project to buy a camera with peel-apart film: this kind of film has been abandoned decades ago by Polaroid (when they closed their factories...), and their Fujifilm equivalent (FP100-C) has been abandoned years ago.

You might find Fujifilm FP100-C on eBay, at very expensive price, with very few chances that they work... So, if you don't have a camera for these films, do not buy one!

Available instant films from Polaroid are square ones (~3"x3") for SX70 and 600 old cameras, or as iType (without battery in the film) for modern cameras; a square film with reduced size is also available (Polaroid Go).

Three size of films are available from Fujifilm: Mini, Square and Wide. They are not compatible with Polaroid cameras but with Fujifilm, Lomography and MiNt ones.

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Fujifilm X70 et WCL-X70

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