Problems with SX70

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Problems with SX70

Messagepar edteach » mer. 11 août 2021 / 20:05 pm

I have bought two SX70s and sent both off to a repair service in Utah. He got them working sort of, but the exposure was under in one and over in the other exposed. I sold them both as parts or repair cameras. I really want a good working SX70 but have no idea where to look. Where would you guys recommend to go to buy a quality SX70 refurbished?

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Messagepar MikeNavy » ven. 13 août 2021 / 19:37 pm


MiNT cameras sell refurbished, and even improved, SX70 cameras.

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Messagepar m.stevens » mer. 18 août 2021 / 21:28 pm

If you're in the US, then the two leading repair and refurbishment shops are Retrospekt and Brooklyn Film Camera

I can personally recommend Retrospekt. They also work directly with Polaroid themselves for refurbishments. They just make the USPS versions that Polaroid now sells.

You can also send them a camera to repair or convert from SX-70 to 600 natively.

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