Sun 660 focus problem

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Sun 660 focus problem

Messagepar Triantos » ven. 11 décembre 2020 / 21:21 pm

Hello to all Polaroid lovers!

I am facing a problem with my Sun 660. It seems that the camera cannot focus at all!
To be honest the only pictures which are in focus , are coming out whenever i take a picture in a very close picture to the subject (i.e 50 cm).
If i try to take a picture beyond of this close distance , all photos are out of focus , even if i use flash. I have realized that this problem is not related with the available light but i suspect problem with the internal disk with four lenses that camera has in order to auto-change the focus distance. But unfortunately i don't know what to check or how to fix this. Of course i have already tried with different films and in different light conditions so the problem is not the light..

Any help here please?

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