Nevada Desert New Photo Boy

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Nevada Desert New Photo Boy

Messagepar KatsuKody » mar. 28 janvier 2020 / 02:25 am

Hello Polaroid Passion People.
My name is Kody, I've recently been getting into polaroid photography and wanted to find a fourm to get some info on things.
I've been shooting an old Sun 600 lately, and am trying to get an SX-70 Sonar I bought working.
I've been interested in the look of Polaroids since I was a kid, they have some quality about them that makes them unique.
I live in Nevada, USA. There's a lot of desert out here, but I try to find interesting things around.

Anyways, that's my introduction!
Hope your day is well!

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Messagepar Didoos13 » mar. 28 janvier 2020 / 02:47 am

Glad to see you here. Have a lot of fun with your(s) polaroid(s).
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