Polaroid Gold plated camera

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Polaroid Gold plated camera

Messagepar Hannescolt » ven. 10 janvier 2020 / 15:42 pm

Hello All,
New here, Hannes from Amsterdam.
Used Polaroid for over 20 years professionally for iridology, and loved the use of Polaroid films.

Now, some time ago through heritage I came into the possession of a gold plated Polaroid camera.
I have been reading some articles, like http://prymeeditions.com/blog/2015/10/1 ... nt-cameras and asked Polaroid itself more about the history, but they were unable to provide me with more info on the subject as this link.

Can anyone tell me more about the history? I would love to find out how many with the sonar were actually made and how many are known.
It came with original "gift" card.

Anyone with info: please respond!


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Messagepar xya » ven. 10 janvier 2020 / 17:04 pm

hi and welcome to the forum,

I have had the ordinary golden sx70, but I have never held a gold plated sonar model in my hands. in fact there are 2 versions, a black leather one, which is more common

https://www.catawiki.com/l/3053721-zeld ... estep-gold sold
https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Rare-Polaroid-S ... 3850275414 on sale

and the one you have that seems to be very rare.

https://revivalstudiolondon.com/product ... era-sonar/

there is some information on the page above. I have no idea if it really can sell for this price. they can always try... a second item on the market would certainly drop the price. on yours the "limited edition" doesn't seem to be in gold letters anymore.
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