Camera Continuously Cycling

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Camera Continuously Cycling

Messagepar TomTullis » mar. 03 décembre 2019 / 22:51 pm

I'm having a problem with a Polaroid OneStep 600 which I recently purchased. (I've had the same problem with other Polaroid cameras as well.) As soon as I insert an empty 600 film pack (that's relatively recent from Polaroid Originals), the camera starts cycling. This happens before I even close the film door. The shutter is NOT firing while it does this cycling, nor is the flash. If I close the film door it just keeps cycling. Holding the shutter release down doesn't interrupt it.

I've seen it suggested that this might be due to the shutter release being stuck down. That does not seem to be the case here.

Any thoughts about what might be causing this and how it could be corrected? Thanks!


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Messagepar scaf » jeu. 05 décembre 2019 / 19:10 pm


It's a well known problem but still no cure :(.

I tried to repair a Polaroid 1000, I haven't found how to do this yet.

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