SX-70 Exposure compensation

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SX-70 Exposure compensation

Messagepar Swiss-Hans » jeu. 22 août 2019 / 06:47 am

SX-70: I read somewhere that the exposure compensation is +/- 1.5. Are these EVs? So an area of 3 EV?
Greetings Hans

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Messagepar scaf » sam. 24 août 2019 / 20:56 pm


The SX-70 doesn't use EVs. Only very old Polaroids (50s) use them IIRC ( ).

The exposure compensation is 1/3 to darken : ... roid-SX-70 as the new film is a little too sensitive.
It works well.

Another method is to use a 600 film with a ND filter, provided by PO ... ilter-pack , with no exposure correction.

And remember that all SX-70 are different and get old differently. That way, each exposure compensation depend on each camera.

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Messagepar pass3264 » dim. 25 août 2019 / 09:02 am

Exposure also depends on the state of the light sensor.

I have a SX70 fixed/renovated by the company MINT in China, it works perfectly. The cell has been cleaned, and you have to turn the knob to a notch or a half-notch. The photos will be well exposed with a beautiful hue and contrast - Photos vintages et récits

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