SX70 issues

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SX70 issues

Messagepar edteach » ven. 01 mars 2019 / 00:23 am

I have 3 SX70 Cameras. One I have ran several packs of impossible film with no issues. I picked up the other two at a estate sale. I bought a pack of Polaroid film for the SX70. On both the estate pick ups the black card came out fine but the mirror would not drop to view the view finder. I tried to take a photo to see if it would take pictures correctly. One camera would just run the motor in a slow labored way and I had to open the front to stop it. The other would sound like it took a picture but then stopped when it went to come out of the camera. So I put the black card in and took out the pack and put it in my known working camera. It ran out the black card fine then it would not drop the mirror so that I could see with the view finder. I then took a picture and it did the same thing stopped when it tried to push out the film. Not sure what is going on. Also there was a white almost tooth paste substance coming out of the front of the film.Not sure what that was. The only way I can get the mirror to reset is to put in the black card and let it cycle that and the mirror drops. If I need to send them for repairs who is a reputable company and is there something I can try myself?
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