AutoFocus 5000 problem, doesn't take picture

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AutoFocus 5000 problem, doesn't take picture

Postby jtlns » Sat 22 November 2014 / 13:56 pm

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a Polaroid PolaSonic AutoFocus 5000, it's this one: ... .php?id=79

When I put in the film (Impssible Project), the camera ejects the first slide and appears to be working. But I can't get it to take a picture. When autofocus is on, pressing the shutter button a bit makes the lens move (so I guess it's autofocussing). But when I press the shutter completely, nothing happens. When autofocus is turned off, semi-pressing the shutter button will have the camera a light click. But once again, pressing the shutter completely, doesn't do anything.

I can't see the shutter opening, so I guess the camera is really not taking a picture. FYI, when I semi-press the shutter button, the red LED under the viewfinder turns red.

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong?


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Postby Question1 » Mon 14 January 2019 / 19:49 pm

I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it? I removed the Mylar film curtain but it did not help. Does anybody have an idea what I would try our else?

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Postby scaf » Tue 15 January 2019 / 19:49 pm


The LED under the viewfinder turns red in low light conditions.

How old is your Impossible Project film ? Maybe the battery is too weak (I doubt that)?
The battery connexions in the camera can have oxyde on them. To remove it, I slide the pack in and out several times (without closing the trapdoor).
Be careful : you have to remove the pack in total darkness otherwise you'll lose the upper film. When the pack is removed put the darkslide back to protect the upper film. Then you can turn on the light.

If this doesn't solve your problem, the shutter button can be the reason.

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