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Kris Roels
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Polaroid newbie

Messagepar Kris Roels » mar. 21 août 2018 / 12:33 pm

Hi everyone with 'Polaroid passion',

I'm Kris from Belgium, 3 weeks ago I bought at a flea market in Bruges my first Polaroid camera (Impulse), not knowing what to expect from it. Did it still work, where there films available ???
Some research about this wonderfull medium and technique later, I made my first shot with it, which I will upload soon. It was quite thrilling and amazing what a nice feeling this gave to me. Really in big contrast with the photography of nowadays (especially smartphone photography), where everyone shoots like crazy, most of the times not thinking about composition, framing, technique....
I immediately wanted to do more with it and already have some new projects ready in my mind.
2 days ago I found the opportunity to buy 9 (nine!) Polaroid cameras and some extra stuff in one big lot, for an incredible low price. With my EE100, EE33, EE44, Colorpack 80, Colorpack 82, SX-70, Impulse, 1000 & 636 Close up it feels like I have my own museum of 20 years Polaroid history at home. Hope to get them working all once.

Regards, Kris.

Keep shooting instant !

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Messagepar tripleZone » sam. 08 septembre 2018 / 21:27 pm

Welcome Kris to instant photography. All the chemicals working in these cameras are amazing and some people became addicted. Take care!

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