[INSTAX WIDE] Bulb Mode & Multi Exposure Hack (English)

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[INSTAX WIDE] Bulb Mode & Multi Exposure Hack (English)

Messagepar Dancorp » sam. 13 décembre 2014 / 00:08 am


Hello Eveyone,

In advance sorry for my english, i'm french.
In this topic i will try to explain how to add two funny features to your Instax Wide Camera :
- Bulb Mode for long exposures.
- Multi Exposure.

This is not a step by step tutorial, you need some soldering skills, tools, wires etc.
Those hacks have been made using my small electronic knowledges, keep that in mind, and of course i'm not responsible for anything.

Let's begin with the multi exposes hack.
To do that, you only need to have :
- a switch, to turn off the motor.
- a push button, to bypass the internal ejection sensor.

(You can also buy a second switch if you have to create a remote shutter button)


How it works :

-Turn ON the camera
-Switch Off the motor
-Take the first picture
-Within 5s, press a short time the push button (The film counter will decrease)
-Swith ON the motor.
-Take the second picture, it will be ejected.

Done !

And now the Bulb mode Hack :
For this one, you only need a 3 Positions Double Switch (http://www.ebay.com/itm/141329069913/)
(Search for "ON-OFF-ON DPDT Mini Toggle Switches")
I recommend to put it in a remote controller, without any connector, because soldering 4 pins connectors has been diffcult for me.

The shutter mechanism could be compared to a DC Motor. Powered in a way : you open it, powered in the reverse way, you close it.

How it works :

In idle state, the swith is in the middle position. (1 / 0 / 2)
- Switch to position 1 to open the shutter, as long as you need.
- Swtich a short time to position 2 to close the shutter thengo back to middle position.
- Hide the the camera lens with your hand and press the shutter button to eject your picture.

Done :)

If you need more details, you can try to translate the french topic of each hack (see in my signature).
But don't worry, you can ask me anything you want here.

Instax 200 hacked - 800iso / f14 / 1min.


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