Problem with my Polaroid 100 Land Camera

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Problem with my Polaroid 100 Land Camera

Messagepar Ailurous » mar. 18 mars 2014 / 20:01 pm


I recently bought a Polaroid 1000 land camera, and Impossible Films (PX-70), but the package says it can also be used for SX-70 cameras, which should fit in my camera. It fits, it all works! But the photo's don't develop. The image stays brown, and nothing happens. I have put them under a dark surface and waited for 30 minutes, but nothing happens. I have no idea what I've done wrong.

The only problem is that the lid on the film-package (the one where the blue sticker is) broke off. But the photo's still come out.

Does anyone know how this is possible?

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Messagepar jonrev » ven. 21 mars 2014 / 10:58 am

Brown images means no developer "goo" is being spread. Open the film door and check the rollers - I guess to see if they're both there, or if there isn't some kind of major gap.

If all looks good with the camera, then you may have picked up a dry pack of film. If it was manufactured within the last year: contact Impossible and they should swap it out with a fresh pack.

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