Flash strips for Polaroid supercolor 600 land camrea

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Flash strips for Polaroid supercolor 600 land camrea

Messagepar dubey.abhinav2 » mar. 02 octobre 2012 / 13:45 pm


I have just found my dad's supercolor 600 land camera. It uses some flash strips i suppose.
Please help me.
Is this flash strip necessary to take pictures?
Where can i buy these strips?

Thank you in advance!

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Messagepar Lemim » mar. 30 octobre 2012 / 15:56 pm

Hi Dubey and welcome on Polaroid Passion :super:

You can buy IMPOSSIBLE 680 film for your Polaroid 600 camera :)

You will find this film on their website : http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/ ... la-passion

The battery is in the film and provides power to the flash. When you change film, you change the battery :mullet:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a problem ;)


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flash strips

Messagepar fuffsel » ven. 23 août 2013 / 14:16 pm


I have the same problem,

I need those flash strips for indoor photos.

Where can I find them?

( from the Netherlands)

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Messagepar ulf » ven. 23 août 2013 / 15:17 pm


ebay or impossible-project shop, you can find these stripes in the accessories.

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Polaroid 600 flash strips

Messagepar NYCBrian » mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 17:19 pm

The camera doesn't need flash strips to operate, but you will need flash for dark environments that require a flash. If you would like to make a flash adapter so as to use an ordinary camera flash, i found this website with instructions on how to: http://www.sx2pc.com/

Good luck.

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Messagepar consommable » mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 17:43 pm

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