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Fujifilm FP3000b Negatives

Publié : jeu. 12 mars 2020 / 15:56 pm
par Livio
Hello, I'm new to this forumbut I'm following the site for a very long time.
How do we keep clean the FP3000b negatives once they are separated from their positive?
I mean how do you wash them and keep them clean from the dust that they get once peel apart?
Many thanks

Publié : sam. 14 mars 2020 / 10:55 am
par jj_reypol
Hello, welcome to our forum

I understand your question about the Fuji FP-3000B "negative" or sometimes called "goop".
It's not as the FP-100C type wich gives a "negative" you can process by using bleach and then
wash the "negative" with clear water.

The FP-3000B "negative" or "goop"' will not be processed nor washed; you only have to dry it
and protect it from dust. After you can scan it and reverse the tones with a software, then edit
it, etc…

This is what I know about; maybe other people will give you some more infos. Or you can find
more on the internet.

I hope this will help, greetings


Publié : sam. 14 mars 2020 / 13:51 pm
par ulf
well, you should wash it. clear water, softly get rid of the developing material.

and when it's dry, just keep it somewhere hidden from the light and that's it.

some examples here : ... 0367063782


Publié : sam. 14 mars 2020 / 18:58 pm
par tripleZone

Jean Jacques has described the process fine. According to Ulf, you should be careful with washing the negative. My last washes affected the chemical surface and damaged the negative. Normally, I only dry, scan and let them go. But try yourself, it makes fun.

Best, J.

Publié : sam. 14 mars 2020 / 23:43 pm
par jj_reypol
Hello Jürgen,

Sometimes I also washed it very carefully with water, and often the goop was a little damaged !

Publié : lun. 16 mars 2020 / 00:03 am
par Livio
Thank you!
More comments are welcome!

Publié : mer. 01 avril 2020 / 09:28 am
par facono
Hi Livio,
you could see some new FP3000B negatives, goops, actually in the gallery. Just dried carefully, the last layer of emulsion is quite fragile and then scanned in a flatbed Epson scan.
Be well and carefull.