Frozen FP100c

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Frozen FP100c

Messagepar Livio » mer. 09 septembre 2020 / 16:17 pm

Well I'm about to buy three packs of Fuji FP100C, expired 2008 but kept in the freezer,according to the seller, for 120 euros. Should I go for it? Any advice please?
Thank you

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Messagepar Photawam » mer. 09 septembre 2020 / 16:41 pm

I bought fridged 2006 packs this year they develop to two-thirds ...
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Messagepar facono » mer. 09 septembre 2020 / 19:04 pm

Frozen? No, never mind.
Besides, it's very expensive.
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Messagepar ulf » mer. 09 septembre 2020 / 20:28 pm

I have made the test myself, froze fresh fp-100c for a couple of months and it worked perfectly. there is a thread somewhere with the details.

Now, buying it "chat en poche" is not recommended, as you can't be sure when its been put in the freezer (what might have happened to photawam).

and yeah, 40E would be for "fresh" film, that you know works. I wouldn't take the chance with this one. or a lot cheaper. or with a guarantee that it works, refund if not.

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pièces détachées pour pack 100

et puiske je peine à instantaner ces temps, voici la version digitale de mes frasques:

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Messagepar xya » mer. 09 septembre 2020 / 20:39 pm

it's possible indeed to deepfreeze this film. we tried it and discussed about it viewtopic.php?t=17430 and also viewtopic.php?f=21&t=28255. the film had no problems except that there was a pink tint to some photos, which disappered on mine after exposing the photos to daylight for some days.

the question is whether it was fresh film that has been put into the freezer...
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