Tips Starting Out with Spectra Film

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Tips Starting Out with Spectra Film

Messagepar Morbott » jeu. 28 septembre 2017 / 05:23 am

I'm new to the forum and new to Poloriod cameras. I have a Spectra AF.
I just got my order of Spectra film from Poloroid (not the Impossible Project Film), and I was wondering if anyone could offer or point me in the right direction to tips starting out using poloroid film? Anything I should know... interesting quirks... or things to keep in mind.
I appreciate any help you can pass along.

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Messagepar skucera » ven. 24 novembre 2017 / 06:54 am

Welcome, and let me compliment you on getting one of Polaroid's most advanced cameras at the time. I borrowed a Spectra in college from a professor for an art project and was really impressed. It was many years before I got my own Spectra camera, and by then Polaroid had stopped production of film.

First think I've found with my Spectra is that it is programmed to add fill flash almost always, so I find that if I want to turn it off, I want to make sure the subject is never backlit. You can compensate for this with the lighter/normal/darker switch, but I haven't gotten an intuitive feel for its effects yet. Because of the sonar auto-focus, have a clear subject that stands out from the background; having a subject behind a large object will always result in focusing on the larger object. Similarly, if you want to take a picture focusing on far-away mountains, make sure you don't have some stupid bush or unintended person in the foreground, because the camera will focus on that nearby object rather than the background, so remember to switch AF off for those shots.

However, in general, I'm impressed with how well my Spectra is programmed. I've only run a couple of the Impossible Project film through it, and it wasn't impressive film. I've just ordered some of the new Polaroid film packs for the Spectra, so we'll see how well it works out when it gets here.

Good luck with your new Spectra. Post some of your better pictures with it, please. I'll do the same if some of my new film packs work out.


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