Polaroid Image Elite Problem

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Polaroid Image Elite Problem

Messagepar JulianS » lun. 23 mars 2015 / 17:30 pm

Hi Guys,

i just got hold of a Image Elite Camera which looks pretty "never used".

When i insert a film in (which i found, too, expired of course) power is up, i can see the range indicator, flash works everyhting is fine.

But when i take a picture the photo doesnt seem to be able to be ejected from the cartrige. I hear a click and a motor sound but when i open the cartrige, the picture is stuck between the rolls (and of course brown). I tried taking the film out and pulling the used picture through the rollers, which seems to be going very hard. The rollers seem to be clean though.

Am I doing anything wrong? I simply insert the cartrige and press the shutter :)


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Messagepar Mofapilot » mar. 31 mars 2015 / 03:36 am

Mostly the battery isn't as strong as back then.

Maybe the chemicals are dried up, so that the clumps don't fit between the rollers anymore...
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