Cheap film?

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Cheap film?

Messagepar zakiaziz » lun. 04 juillet 2016 / 20:05 pm

Hi guys, just ran into my old Polaroid 636 and was wondering where I could find the cheapest film. I know of impossible but its $25 for 8 (which is a little more than $3/shot)

I was wondering if anyone knew of any other sources where it'd be a little cheaper to get. Even if it means buying in bulk.

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Messagepar xya » lun. 04 juillet 2016 / 21:42 pm

sorry for the bad news, but there is no bulk film (there has never been any as far as I know), there is no polaroid film anymore since 2008, so impossible is the only one which is left. beware of older polaroid stock film, it's mostly gone, unless the seller can show recent photos taken with his film. but impossible sells 2nd choice film from time to time. imho it's worth the deal...
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