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Messagepar meg » jeu. 03 septembre 2015 / 02:15 am

I picked up a Sun600 at a flea market in Texas for $5 (I recently moved to NC from Dallas..) when I got it home & looked inside there was actually still film inside! The batteries are dead, so is there any way to jump start the batteries long enough to pop off a few shots?

....on a side note I picked up a Land Camera w/flash cubes (both new in box!) today for $5 in a vintage shop in NC. Also has brand new film in it with dead batteries.

I'd like to try the film, but the batteries definitely need some life support assistance. Any tips or tricks?

xo, :coeur:
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Messagepar Mofapilot » mar. 08 septembre 2015 / 07:59 am

You can't reload the batteries. You could exchange the Polaroid pack battery with one from the Impossible Project, but you have to work in pitch darkness...
I think its not worth the work, because the chemicals have mostly dried up...
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