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All-black pictures from a 340 Camera

Publié : ven. 03 janvier 2014 / 09:53 am
par hendrikvb
I recently picked up a Polaroid 340 Camera at a flea market. I replaced the battery with a 4.5v I foud online and ordered some FP-100C packs. When I tried taking pictures, all it gave me were all-black shots. Are there any quick checks I can do without wasting another 10 pack of film? The battery connectors were rusted so I clipped off the wires and taped them to the battery sides. I don't believe too many things can break on these but I would appreciate some insight.


Publié : ven. 03 janvier 2014 / 11:02 am
par CCWH

If battery is ok you can check if shutter is working.
No film pack needed

1. Set iso speed film to 75
2. Do your finger over the light sensor (in the middle of lighten / darken button)
3. Press the red button. Maintain your finger on the button.
4. You must hear one click.
5. After 2 seconds, remove your hand from light sensor.
6. You must hear a second click. SHUTTER will close. If you not, you have a problem with battery ( prinary), black battery cable - too thin, mean broken (secondary) or a shutter / light sensor problem.


Publié : sam. 04 janvier 2014 / 14:03 pm
par hendrikvb
When I tried it, the button went all the way down and stayed there. It also appears like the previous owner broke the button and glued it back on. I could pull the button out of the hole but it broke off and I could see some glue residue. I replaced the battery a while ago and let the camera sit unfolded for a while. I'm hoping it's just a battery issue (I have a spare). Otherwise it's a dud, in which case I'll be looking at picking one up on-line since I really want to give it a go :)

Thanks for the info! I'll replace battery and try again.

Publié : sam. 25 janvier 2014 / 10:58 am
par jonrev
Likely a broken or corroded wire.