Polaroid SSI-124 Passport Camera

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Polaroid SSI-124 Passport Camera

Messagepar Darpa317 » ven. 17 octobre 2014 / 00:11 am

Where can I find more info about this? Is is not the SSI-124 e or other models, I think it came before those.

It has a Power key.
Model Number: SSI-124
Code Number: Blank
Serial: 916922

Manf: SSI Photo ID
Oklahoma City, OK

The case is massive, all I have is the camera. It has a slot for what I believe would be the tripod and 2 other devices? Looking at the manual the tripod and the rectangular stand the camera/pod would mount on to?

How do I help you help me?

Then there is a triangle shaped cut-out in the case. Where do I get more info on this. The owners ("operation manual") lists no further details.

I'd like to see if I could find some old marketing material and possibly date it? Who do I cann? Can "YOU" help? :super:

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