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Hello! Please help! I don't know what I have!!

Publié : jeu. 25 janvier 2018 / 01:29 am
par HeyImNellie
Hey there! I am in search of help, I purchases today a Polaroid Spectra. It was only 2.25 so I said "whatever" to the fact I don't recognize this Spectra! I have searched endlessly, but I can't find any information except for people selling it here and there. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

Publié : jeu. 25 janvier 2018 / 06:46 am
par shadbel
Hello, can you post a picture of the camera ?
You can do it with

You copy the link for forum :)


Publié : jeu. 25 janvier 2018 / 15:55 pm
par HeyImNellie
Sorry! I thought I did post a photo! Hahha


Publié : jeu. 25 janvier 2018 / 16:35 pm
par HeyImNellie
It doesn't have the array of options like the Spectra 2, it's a simple one switch. All it has is the option to lighten, normal or darken,

Publié : jeu. 25 janvier 2018 / 18:09 pm
par scaf
Hi !
I think you may have the first version of the Spectra.

Publié : sam. 27 janvier 2018 / 02:24 am
par HeyImNellie
That's what I was thinking, but I've looked and I can't find information about this specific spectra.

Publié : sam. 27 janvier 2018 / 08:55 am
par scaf
All the cameras aren't on the site.

I think yours may be this one : ... .php?id=36 with a minor difference in the name. The one on the image says "Spectra AF".
Good to know : all spectras are AF.

And Polaroid often used the same technologies inside many models of camera (same "philosophy" with cars :P).

Could you post a rear view of you camera ?

Publié : mer. 31 janvier 2018 / 23:58 pm
par HeyImNellie
Here is the back


Publié : lun. 04 juin 2018 / 19:53 pm
par mimi_club
Just point-and-shoot

Publié : mar. 05 juin 2018 / 08:49 am
par Jeje
it's a rather easy camera to operate, enjoy :)