Greetings from Denmark

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Greetings from Denmark

Postby zapro » Fri 04 August 2023 / 12:55 pm

Hi forum!

I was recently bitten by the "instant" bug, and I now have an assortment of Polaroid and Instax cameras.

Having 3D-printed for many years, I want to combine this, so i'm planning to make my own camera for the Instax wide film, all 3D-printed.

I hope i can get some inspiration on this forum :(

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Postby ASTEROID » Fri 04 August 2023 / 16:22 pm

Hi and welcome to you !

I can't wait to see what your homemade camera project will look like
Don't hesitate to create a dedicated topic in the forum, I'm really intrigued!

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Postby jj_reypol » Sun 06 August 2023 / 08:57 am

Hello and welcome on the forum!
JJ :rocks:

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