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par Kuvatro
dim. 09 février 2020 / 13:31 pm
Forum : Welcomes and Introductions
Sujet : Hello, I'm Grant from the UK
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Hey Grant! - Polaroid Support

Welcome back to the world of analogue film! Firstly, Fujifilm is a great place to start and one of the cheapest alternatives! At the moment with fujifilm you don't have much creative options and most cameras that use the mini give you a lovely crisp clean image. There are speciality film packs that ...
par Kuvatro
dim. 09 février 2020 / 13:12 pm
Forum : Sales
Sujet : UK Based Polaroid Cameras Seller
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UK Based Polaroid Cameras Seller

Hey Creatives and Polaroid Lovers, I have just started a UK based Polaroid store on etsy, all cameras come with free delivery. If you're into anything polaroid please follow, like and share my facebook page and instagram via:

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