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par KatsuKody
mar. 28 janvier 2020 / 02:54 am
Forum : Polaroid® SX-70 & 1000, 2000... Land Camera
Sujet : SX-70 Sonar shutter Issues
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SX-70 Sonar shutter Issues

So, I bought a used Sonar sx recently, the exterior had some light wear but looked rather good. Then I buy a pack of film and try it out, it randomly prints an exposure without me pushing anything, this scared me. I then closed it and opened it to see what might happen, and it prints another exposur...
par KatsuKody
mar. 28 janvier 2020 / 02:25 am
Forum : Welcomes and Introductions
Sujet : Nevada Desert New Photo Boy
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Nevada Desert New Photo Boy

Hello Polaroid Passion People. My name is Kody, I've recently been getting into polaroid photography and wanted to find a fourm to get some info on things. I've been shooting an old Sun 600 lately, and am trying to get an SX-70 Sonar I bought working. I've been interested in the look of Polaroids si...

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