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by zoomwire
Fri 30 August 2019 / 04:57 am
Forum: Polaroid® DIY
Topic: [WIP 45%] Instaduino! (Instax Hack)
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Did you ever found out how to trigger the flash via the Arduino? I can't get it to trigger. I know that the contacts marked on my attached picture are related to trigger the flash. I thought TF would be trigger flash and TCF, to trigger the charging of the flash. But somehow it isn't working. Thanks...
by zoomwire
Fri 30 August 2019 / 04:45 am
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions
Topic: Hi, Florian here
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Hi, Florian here


Florian here. I'm quite new to instant photography. I bought a SLR680 a few months ago and fall in love with instant photography. I just bought a Instax Wide that I try to hack with an Arduino to allow manual shutter control, double and long exposures.

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