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par NYCBrian
mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 17:19 pm
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Sujet : Flash strips for Polaroid supercolor 600 land camrea
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Polaroid 600 flash strips

The camera doesn't need flash strips to operate, but you will need flash for dark environments that require a flash. If you would like to make a flash adapter so as to use an ordinary camera flash, i found this website with instructions on how to:

Good luck.
par NYCBrian
mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 16:50 pm
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Sujet : Polaroid manipulation
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Polaroid Instant Film

Hello. Brian from New York City here. I see a lot of you are unaware, but The Impossible Project is no longer. They are now officially calling themselves Polaroid Originals. They've purchased Polaroid Film Division outright and have new Polaroid film, as well as old, and cameras. They are no longer ...

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