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par peter_g
lun. 11 décembre 2017 / 20:00 pm
Forum : Polaroid® Image/Spectra
Sujet : Just got some of the new Polaroid film packs
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But you do know this film IS rebranded Impossible, right? Now incorporated into Polaroid because od business relationship. I'm not saying it's not slightly better, they impove generation to generation, but still... :) Go to the Impossible Project website and see for yourself where it takes you.
par peter_g
mer. 23 août 2017 / 22:54 pm
Forum : Polaroid® Passion community
Sujet : I thought polaroid was out of business
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The brand survived but it's nothing it used to be. Although the Snap seems fun - a little digital camera with a built-in printer. Polaroid is now a manufacturer of very generic stuff - sports cams, glasses, tablets, digicams. Snap is probably as close as they will get to the original concept of inst...
par peter_g
mar. 11 avril 2017 / 21:10 pm
Forum : Welcomes and Introductions
Sujet : Hello from Poland!
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Hello from Poland!

Hi! It's Piotr from Poland. Got my first Polaroid from my grandma, rediscovered how much fun it is around 2010. It's been my favorite format ever since.

I can't speak French but google translate works miracles :)

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