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Hamningberg chapel

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- The Dicoroid of tripleZone

Hamningberg chapel

Jj_reypol - Thursday, January 24th 2019 - 10h 15m 56s
This is a kind of atmosphere I like, light and colors are fantastic !
Triplezone - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 23h 22m 48s
I will join you both and light a candle for your sins ...

Sometimes I need some time to (or do not) understand the subtle humor of picture communication. And sometimes I'm confused by watching photos, taking the surface image - maybe too - seriously. And finally I'm not so much interested in big red hearts but in sharing Pola photos. For me, love and hate are too strong feeligs for the friendly daily competition on this exceptional forum that I'm visiting for some years (and that I really like). Merci.
Charles p. - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 23h 18m 18s
Ah ah! Dear Jürgen staying one night with our friend Herr Doktor Axakadam will be an inhuman treatment for me... Even in this pretty chapel! Unless you join us... ;)
Axakadam - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 21h 10m 38s
Fantasies... yes we have .. and what ? Love you master of forgotten lands... And you did not like my photo ! this is more speaking than silence..
Axakadam - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 21h 07m 54s
Dearest Jürgen Brother... you know that you're great, no discussion about it. But unfortunately some people hate, for exemple, my presence here. And their hearts goes in every directions... in french we call it "votes de complaisance"... Means rather him than him. But who cares ? End of the thing = you're a great photographer anyway, except your famous horizon shit.. some of the voters are not at all good ! Unfortunately ! So, who cares ? The best would be that we got drunk together ! For love, disappointments, hard work, endless memories.. Charles, Jean Jacques, Luc, Philippe, Soreal and some others... I'll cook. Fuck the votes ! And I cook good ;-)
Triplezone - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 18h 41m 51s
Yes, and when I look at the fantasies left and right (Ch. P. and Mr. Axa) I think that both guys should spend the winter in this church together and do penitence at candlelight in the polar night. A really special event, ... imagine!
Facono - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 14h 22m 37s
Beautiful and amazing colours!
What a nice place.
Charles p. - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 12h 20m 11s
I love the colours. Especially the blue one!
Consommable - Wednesday, January 23th 2019 - 07h 57m 08s
Belle paroisse.
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About this Polaroid® from tripleZone
Title :
Hamningberg chapel
Description :
The wooden chapel was built in 1949. Since the village is inhabited by vacationers in the summer only, the chapel is occasionally used for special events.

Mamiya Sekor 4.7/127, 690 exp. 10/2004.
Film Type :
Polaroid® 690
Camera :
Mamiya Universal
View :
534 fois
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