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Áisaroaivi Sami kirke

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- The Dicoroid of tripleZone

Áisaroaivi Sami kirke

Triplezone - Saturday, November 03th 2018 - 10h 18m 48s
Merci beaucoup!

@ Olivier: I show only those sheets that worked well which means: Not all 664 did, but fortunately most. For taking b&w I had also working 667 and 672 with me.
Triplezone - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 16h 55m 43s
If you have a reindeer slaughterhouse as Sami Mission it's better to have faith.

@ Hervé: They are on the way. In autumn, they gather their reindeer and slaughter some of them.
Consommable - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 16h 11m 59s
Où sont les paroissiens ?
Soundsoundso - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 11h 47m 40s
great one!
Jj_reypol - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 10h 24m 27s
There are so many "kirke" everywere in the North !
Facono - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 09h 33m 55s
My dear Jürgen, your series is amazing. Your 664 remains so efficient that I'm very jealous of it.

Charles p. - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 09h 09m 26s
Yes, uy uy! Beautiful black and white!
Axakadam - Friday, November 02th 2018 - 09h 03m 25s
uy uy !
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About this Polaroid® from tripleZone
Title :
Áisaroaivi Sami kirke
Description :

Mamiya Sekor 3.5/100, 664 exp. 08/2009.
Film Type :
Polaroid® 664
Camera :
Mamiya Universal
View :
786 fois
Added on :
© tripleZone

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