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industrial zone 19th century

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- The Dicoroid of tripleZone

industrial zone 19th century

Triplezone - Saturday, September 08th 2018 - 21h 41m 56s
Films as icons - why not? I like the correspondence between film and motif (and it's only a matter of time before the icons run out).
Consommable - Saturday, September 08th 2018 - 09h 13m 36s
On connaissait les iconomécanophiles, il y a aussi les iconochimicophiles, qui signifient également l'émulsion et le cadrage du photographe.
Triplezone - Saturday, September 08th 2018 - 07h 46m 51s
Merci beaucoup Mesdames et Messieurs!
@ Olivier: The photo has been taken at Dahlhausen, an old industrial valley near Wuppertal and you can see an upper ditch, from which water was taken for driving the apparatus in the cloth factory. I want to send you the negative after the trip. Merci!
@ Jean Jacques: Many thanks, I should scan the negative that provides a more detailed image.
@ Too much of honor, vielen herzlichen Dank.
Charles p. - Friday, September 07th 2018 - 23h 04m 01s
Yes great 665 and great photographer! ;)
Jj_reypol - Friday, September 07th 2018 - 21h 09m 34s
Superb BW, as I said your 665 is great !
Facono - Friday, September 07th 2018 - 20h 02m 51s
Hi Jürgen. What a nice and intersting architectural portrait in town. It looks like Panke River.
If you agree, you could — but after your next trip, we aren't in a hurry — send the negative to my place and then I'll try to make a nice print of it on Baryta paper.

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About this Polaroid® from tripleZone
Title :
industrial zone 19th century
Description :
665 (exp. 09/2007), Mamiya Sekor 4.7/127
Film Type :
Polaroid® 665
Camera :
Mamiya Universal
View :
838 fois
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© tripleZone

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