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au bord de la rivière La Romaine à Maizières

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- The Dicoroid of tripleZone

au bord de la rivière La Romaine à Maizières

Triplezone - Saturday, April 21th 2018 - 20h 02m 27s
Thank you so much Charles, you've probably bribed the Commission to award this honor :)
Charles p. - Saturday, April 21th 2018 - 09h 08m 09s
Uy uy! Congrats Jürgen for this Cdcdj.
You are now the official photographer and honory citizen of Maizières!
Triplezone - Saturday, April 21th 2018 - 09h 00m 11s
Merci beaucoup les gars!

It is strange that our escape was successful and that later we found ourselves back at the old épicerie, taking photos again and yet were not arrested.
Jj_reypol - Saturday, April 21th 2018 - 07h 32m 29s
Congratulations for this wonderful CDCDJ Jürgen !
Consommable - Friday, April 20th 2018 - 11h 08m 43s
Beau paysage.
Axakadam - Friday, April 20th 2018 - 10h 44m 22s
Oui.. juste wow !
Charles p. - Friday, April 20th 2018 - 10h 35m 06s
Dear Jürgen thanks once again for sharing this pic and promoting the easy life of Maizières! Just a little detail, this is not really a pond, it is a sleeping part of the river named La Romaine. Maizières is missing badly Expolaroid this year...
Esger - Friday, April 20th 2018 - 09h 10m 50s
Wow !!
Jj_reypol - Friday, April 20th 2018 - 08h 43m 38s
Superbe Polaroid !
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L'église de Maizières

About this Polaroid® from tripleZone
Title :
au bord de la rivière La Romaine à Maizières
Description :
... et passer (pas l'étang du village mais) une partie de la rivière nommée La Romaine (merci Charles pour la clarification).
125i (exp. 08/2008)
Film Type :
Polaroid® Studio 125i
Camera :
Mamiya Universal
View :
709 fois
Added on :
© tripleZone

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