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- The Dicoroid of soundsoundso

Ordinary people
Camera obscura


Soundsoundso - Saturday, September 08th 2018 - 20h 08m 22s
merci beaucoup, fabrice. si tu ne postes plus de nouvelles photos, alors j'admire toujours tes anciennes!
Fabrice_k* - Saturday, September 08th 2018 - 17h 15m 35s
J'adore ce graphisme... Bon, ça tu devais le savoir..
Mehdi roguet - Sunday, October 22th 2017 - 09h 18m 59s
I love it. Hats off.
Soundsoundso - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 23h 17m 37s

thanks all!
Facono - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 22h 42m 54s
I do like it very much and please, keep it mysterious, do not tell me what it is.

Meaulne - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 16h 53m 24s
ça happe !
100pola - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 16h 25m 54s
Gravity : a very attractive Polaroid, bravo !
Triplezone - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 11h 36m 14s
An analogous contribution to blackhole research: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2017/gravitational-wave-kicks-monster-black-hole-out-of-galactic-core
Axakadam - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 11h 31m 37s
Wow, Wawe, Wheel, Wham.... wow !
Jj_reypol - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 10h 57m 47s
Beautiful, between gravitational waves and Vasarely !
Consommable - Saturday, October 21th 2017 - 09h 43m 41s
Quelque chose d'un maelström.
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Impossible Color SX-70
Camera :
Polaroid® SX-70
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1865 fois
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© soundsoundso

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