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No, Polanime is not dead, but there is no more filme to win
Kepp shooting on the theme of the month.
Good luck to all of you.

Latest Polanimate subjects

Polanimate your brain
Instant creative project

Every month, discover a new Polanimate theme chosen by the members of Polaroid® Passion (votes on the forum).

The purpose is to workout our photographic minds, think, dream, watch, love, and shoot a picture you believe matches the subject chosen by Polaroid® Passion. It's a funny exercise, a monthly photographic challenge.
Some advice: take the time to think it over and don't rush at it at the beginning of the month, the day after the theme is elected, Polanimate your brain !

Important : It's forbidden to submit a picture taken before the theme suggestion The idea is to use our imagination to make unique and spontaneous images during the Polanimate month.

Every month you'll find here on the forum the new Polanimate theme and you'll post your photo using the "add a photo" form (on top of the navigation bar once registered) by checking the box " Make it participate to this month Polanimate.

Every month , during the last 5 days, you can vote for the best Polanimate photo.

> Post your themes in the suggestion box click here
This month theme : The beast is back
Recently added pictures for this month theme
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Photawam (8 com')
La Mort Subite de Manya
axakadam (23 com')
David Vincent rencontre le 3ieme type....
Meaulne (4 com')

Flob (2 com')

Flob (1 com')
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vroulas (3 com')
la possibilité d'un exil...
Meaulne (7 com')
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