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Tadam !!

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- The Dicoroid of Meaulne

2 x 2.speed 3x4 anniversary
Pz600 cool
Mamiya universal
Les loges en josas
Nb & colors

Tadam !!

Meaulne - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 22h 08m 26s
Meaulne - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 22h 08m 18s
I think the colors were not in the scene, and that's why colors are dull, but I hope my 125i could do better, it's only remains me 3 packs of this batch, the others I've, are very crappy...
but sometime, there is a kind a easter egg in the middle that works rather good ....
"le 125i, c'est comme une boite de chocolat, on ne sait jamais sur quoi on va tomber. F.G."
quant à cette palissade qui mure la base de notre belle dame .. j'ai peur qu'elle n'en close à jamais l'accès libre ...
Facono - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 20h 00m 11s
Ça y était, là, l'année dernière, ce grand truc?
Charles p. - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 14h 06m 56s
Houlà ça penche dangereusement! C'est de Pise en Pise!
Jj_reypol - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 11h 09m 09s
Toujours aussi belle la vieille dame parisienne !
Triplezone - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 08h 02m 15s
... but where did you leave the colors? Nevertheless, a nice composition.
Consommable - Monday, April 02th 2018 - 06h 57m 31s
Bon sujet pour un grand angle.
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About this Polaroid® from Meaulne
Title :
Tadam !!
Description :
toise toise !!
Film Type :
Polaroid® Studio 125i
Camera :
Mamiya Universal
View :
829 fois
Added on :
Keywords :
Tr FL,tour Eiffel, 125i, Mamiya Universal,50mm
© Meaulne

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