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- The Dicoroid of capturedlivephoto

Nude model
Neg scan
Toid week
Neg scan; fp-3000b
Fuji fp-100.
000 flash
2nd gen
Bleached negative negative scan
Everyday people - polaroid big shot portraits


Tombal - Friday, September 02th 2016 - 10h 02m 48s
ha ok ok cool top résultat vraiment très beau ! ;)
Capturedlivephoto - Friday, September 02th 2016 - 04h 01m 36s
@ Tombal
un autre système. adaptateur Pw-110. Récepteur sans fil / émetteur. White Lightning WL-10000 flash de studio
Tombal - Thursday, September 01th 2016 - 12h 53m 26s
superbe !! avec un flash cube ou un autre système ?
Jj_reypol - Thursday, September 01th 2016 - 09h 20m 18s
Superb, beautiful model, I love your composition and the colors are great !
Aus1one - Wednesday, August 31th 2016 - 22h 15m 59s
Composition, sujet, tonalités, rien à jeter. Magnifique vraiment.
Phgalano - Wednesday, August 31th 2016 - 09h 32m 26s
Très jolie
Alexandre.nioutone - Wednesday, August 31th 2016 - 07h 58m 58s
Magnifique !!!
Consommable - Wednesday, August 31th 2016 - 05h 25m 51s
Nice classical work.
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About this Polaroid® from capturedlivephoto
Title :
Film Type :
Fujifilm Fuji FP-100C
Camera :
Polaroid® Big Shot
View :
1641 fois
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Keywords :
Big Shot, portrait, Fuji FP-100C,Camera: Polaroid Big Shot Film: Fuji FP-100C, National PW-110, WL 10,000 flash
© capturedlivephoto

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