Image System sonner issue?

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Image System sonner issue?

Messagepar pandamilk » jeu. 13 novembre 2014 / 20:59 pm

Hey guys, thanks for looking at this post

I seem to have a problem with my Image System SE camera.

Everything seems to be working, but i can never see a distance in the viewfinder. And no matter where i point the camera, the caution icon shows up (the orange square with a triangle in it) . Only when i point it directly into light does the green symbol show up.

Is this a known problem or is my camera broken?

any help would be great...

Thank you!

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Messagepar Mofapilot » lun. 17 novembre 2014 / 21:10 pm

The square and triangle symbol means, that something may not be right with the distance (too close/far). The numbers don't appear when something is too far away or the auto focus is disabled.
Perhaps the manual can help you:
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