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My First...

Messagepar JFB » dim. 09 septembre 2012 / 02:33 am

I thought some of you might enjoy a look at the very first photo I took with my very first camera. I took this photo of my father after he gave me a Swinger Model 20. He helped me load the film but I was adamant about doing the rest myself. As you can see I had a little trouble holding the film waiting for it to develop! :roll: that white oval is my thumb!


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Messagepar consommable » dim. 09 septembre 2012 / 09:00 am

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Swinger Model 20 question!

Messagepar shaninanigan » ven. 30 novembre 2012 / 04:32 am

Hey cool photo! I just got a Swinger model 20 myself (and the funky box!) - I have a question about the battery compartment, mine appears to be missing.. Any suggestions as to where I might find another one? Or can it be used without it? I have rewired my 330 land camera and got it working, and I could probably fix this one, but I can't find anywhere online with a good view of what the battery compartment should look like! Any help?! :lol: lol thanks! :super:

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