wanted 500 instant film

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wanted 500 instant film

Messagepar Katerina » lun. 09 novembre 2015 / 15:42 pm

Hi there,

I am looking to buy instant film 500 for my joy cam polaroid.

Does anybody knows anything.

Thanks in advance

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Messagepar ulf » lun. 09 novembre 2015 / 15:51 pm

hello katerina,

you won't find films for the joy cams anymore, long gone.

and if you find any, they will be expired and dry... sorry for the bad news.

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Thank you

Messagepar Katerina » mar. 10 novembre 2015 / 22:34 pm


Thank you very muchfor you reply,

Could you please reccommend me any other polaroid camera and film I could buy, I would prefer with not mini instant paper films.

Thank you in advance

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Messagepar Mofapilot » mer. 11 novembre 2015 / 12:58 pm

The cameras with the cheapest film available are the Polaroid 100 series.
The film for Polaroid SX-70/600/Spectra cameras is more expensive, but available from Impossible Project.

Or you try the new Polaroid Snap with ZINK paper. The alternative is using the Instax types of Fuji. These are modern cameras.

If you are interested, I've got a Polaroid 320 to sell...
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