600 se, worth it?

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600 se, worth it?

Messagepar Dawie1984 » mar. 15 avril 2014 / 16:55 pm

Hi People!! My name is Dawie, and i need some advice...

I want to purchase a polaroid "professional Pack Film 600SE" to use at or wedding as a "Take your own pic for the album" guest experience... the problem is i am clueless when it comes to cameras...

With the deal i get the camera and two lenses, (127mm x 75mm) and a "multi shot 84"

I jst need some input on the quality of the camera and if it will be worth getting it... (im from south africa, i can get the packagae for R3000, roughly $285)

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Messagepar 3rdTrick » mer. 16 avril 2014 / 02:31 am

In US prices, that is a really great deal on the 600SE but it is a manual camera and I am not sure I would use it for "Take your own pic" unless it was pre-adjusted and set up on a tripod. The Multishot 84 would be fun to play with too. They both use the Fuji peel apart film. For a wedding, you might be better with something like the Fuji 210 that uses the Instax film. Both the camera and film are available fairly cheap.

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Messagepar CCWH » mer. 16 avril 2014 / 06:34 am

The 600SE produced very great pictures but you need to do all settings (speed, aperture, focusing) in manual.
Not the best solution for a "take your own pic"...
Fou de la photo pointue (RAW et compagnie), des technologies d'avenir (Lytro,...), je suis retombé dans le bain du Polaroid...

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