Some rules about sales on Polaroid Passion

Submit your items for sale here or ads that you find ... contact is made by PM to finalize the sale. Thank you to specify when the item is sold by editing your post and adding [SOLD] at the end of the title.
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Some rules about sales on Polaroid Passion

Postby deyss » Thu 18 August 2011 / 00:12 am

A few rules to respect before posting any sales in the Polaroid Passion website :
1) You are on a Polaroid fan website: please propose prices that are in no way pure speculation
2) You’re not on Ebay: don’t forget to fix a price to your sale, including shipping or not, and not selling to the highest bidder.
3) Sales are no trade fair: the seller fixes its price, please do not discuss this price, even though you find it unfair. For these discussions, use private messaging.
A sale that respects these two rules will be certified and marked « Polaresponsible » !


Thanks for your attention.

- Thanks to Bimo for the translation -

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