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Is it safe to use the IS085 in saltwater?

Publié : mer. 14 février 2018 / 15:52 pm
par Tincho
Hi everyone,

I have two cameras that can take pictures and videos under water. One is a Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 and the other is a just bought (used) Polaroid IS085.

The thing is, the Polaroid IS085 manual is deficient at best. It doesn't say much about the underwater capabilities and cautions. Yes, it says that you must clean the camera and rinse it with a soft cloth afer using it with water, but does not mention saltwater, neither as a "don't" nor as aftercare caution. The Kodak C123 manual, on the other hand, says you must clean and rinse the camera after using it in saltwater or chemically treated water. I won't assume both cameras are the same in terms of capabilities and care. So I'd like to know if it's safe to use the Polaroid IS085 when swimming or diving in the sea. Any experience or advice on this?

Thanks in advance.